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Biltmore Greens 2103’sf plan (house w Huge Pool asking $640,000)

These 7 property reports are ALL the same model home as the house priced at $640K w the huge pool.  The upside for one that is renovated is illustrated by the SOLD reports & the one available & priced at $975,000.  The March sale of one w new finishes & the kitchen wall+wall between the Formal LR & the Family Room is shown at $869,000.  The others are ones I’ve sold since SEPT 2014 & talked about.

Smaller Biltmore Greens 1849’sf plan (we did not see any of this small plan)

We did not see any of these 3 homes – all of which are the same model…2BR+Den

The Colony Biltmore FLIP that went from $350k to $1.2Million

I sold this one twice at $350,000 and again after an architect put $114,000 of work/materials into it ..we Flipped it for $1.2Million.  It was the home that I pointed out the front entry alcove cut-out (across the street from the home we did not get into).

Available Colony Biltmore Phases 1-5 homes (Colony & Villas)

These AVAILABLE Colony Biltmore homes are on lots that are HALF the size of the Greens home (w the Huge Pool).  These are all the COLONY BILTMORE homes that are available & priced under $735,000 – and are over 1600’sf in size.   The Colony homes have the CONTEMPORARY exterior in phases 1-4.  Phase 5 changed the exterior to the TERRATORIAL style and there are 2 of those …one you saw & liked.  The Sale report shows it when I sold it last – before the new owner added the dark TINT to windows making it darker.  There is a 2nd available home of the same plan as the Terratorial we saw.  It has a better location on 28th Place & priced at $569,000.  The ‘flip” priced at $705,000 is also shown as the December 2016 sale at $375,000.

2 Available Colony Biltmore FLIPS we saw the home priced at $705,000

these 2 homes are on 4500’sf lots & are being flipped.  The sale report is the December “well bought” report when the investor picked it up at $375,000.  They essentially have the same slab “foot print” as the home w the step-down & the 2 small bedrooms in the back.  Those BR’s were merged in the FLIP priced at $705,000


Biltmore Terrace Condo’s

These are the Biltmore Terrace units that are available & have a minimum of 2BR’s.  We did not see Penthouse #247 – we looked at #217 as the same plan w/o the fireplace on the gound level.  The 2 three bedroom units are shown.


The 2 properties I’ve left out are the NEW CONSTRUCTION down at 25th & Campbell and the fix-up townhouse on Meadowbrook w the metal staircase…The 1st property we drove past…after leaving the Terrace…was a patiohome similar to & near the 2 story fixup on Meadowbrook Ave …waling distance to Safeway at Biltmore Plaza…this one needs some Woodland Park 3157 E Hazelwood Ave

biltmore plaza shopping center featured image

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taste of the Biltmore 2016