Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Understanding #AzBiltmore Residential Real Estate Market Data is requisite for both Buyers & Sellers alike. Discussion here cites actual-data on recent real estate transactions where Market-Knowledge benefited one party disproportionately for Buyers or Sellers.

#AzBiltmore Median Home Values range between $150 to over $800 a square-foot & are 5-times higher than the Median Home Value in Phoenix according to Zillow.  The 1,045 acre Arizona Biltmore Estates & Village Association Developments are located at the heart of the highest household income district in Arizona at the geographic center of the Valley of the Sun.  It’s no surprise people from all walks of life find this neighborhoods’ quality of life & highly concentrated wealth irresistible.

We’ve monitored Arizona’s most sophisticated residential market for well over 25 years & we’re here to assure clients don’t lose their shirts!  The inexperienced have lost their shirts & worse.  Information is powerful, put our knowledge to work for you to help save hundreds of thousands of dollars!

On November 16 2015, a newly listed condo for sale at $185,000 popped onto the market – $15,000 less than all other similar units.  No.417 is a 2BR 2BA condo & updated. Though, earlier in the year a VERY-SIMILAR unit No.518 – a 1BR unit in the same development SOLD for $14,000 more.  Is it possible this seller DID NOT expose the property to the market to obtain the highest possible price?

You be the judge.  Click here to review these 2 properties: